côte&ciel | Parisian Harmony: FW23 Editorial Essence

côte&ciel’s spiritual home
In homage to côte&ciel’s spiritual home, Paris, the brand’s Fall Winter 23 editorial touches base with its roots in the wake of the opening of its European flagship in Paris earlier this year.

Playing with the natural light and embracing the innate textures provided by the sandstone buildings with their glowing hue, this editorial sought to capture the essence of the city in day-to-day nature. The chosen Fall Winter 23 styles seamlessly interacted with their surroundings, immersing themselves in an environment that is unmistakably Paris without the usual hallmarks.
Like living sculptures walking among the cityscape unbeknownst to passersby and lost in the allure of the city, the models were equipped with new Fall Winter 23 styles like the AVON, SARU, ORNE and ISARAU S, as well as existing systems such as the OBION and LADON. Introduced for Fall/Winter, the editorial highlights the uses and functionalities of the petite accessories - namely the LetGo and RingO charms - and how they interlink members from different product categories. The Raven and Robin fabrications offer light and dark contrasts against the sandy glow of the nearby buildings. Using this contextual backdrop to bring added depth and authenticity to the editorial, côte&ciel creates a deeper connection between its design lineage and the city of its inception.