côte&ciel | FW23 Collection

côte&ciel's Fall Winter 23 Collection Unveils Interconnected Beauty and Structures of Permanence
Exploring beauty through a deeper corporeal relationship to our planet and those around us, we begin to breathe and truly experience when our wires to the world cross.
With this in mind, the design language that is consistent throughout transmits similar sentiments whereby value is placed on production, not consumption.

By finding strength in our interconnectedness to one another and nature, côte&ciel utilises this energy to engineer new structures of permanence.
The Fall Winter 23 collection explores the relations of surfaces, resulting in the embrace of two shapes that are reminiscent of organic as well as manmade patterns.

Maintaining its rigorous approach to design, the evolution of products and material innovation remains at the core of côte&ciel’s ethos, enlisting new styles like the AVON and OBION to accompany mainstay silhouettes such as the ISARAU and ORNE .

Where enduring styles remain and continue to undergo refinement, côte&ciel introduces the AVON and OBION packs that mirror a world of their own whilst providing individual functionality.
Designed for convenient carry and optimum storage capacity, the OBION is a large duffle bag that can be carried in the hand using the fixed handle straps or across the body when an ADDA shoulder strap is fitted to it.
In contrast, with a design that mirrors the natural protective structure of a carapace, the AVON is an expandable backpack that allows its storage capacity to be gradually increased by unzipping and unclipping various sections throughout.

Alongside existing systems that are made using Alias or EcoYarn fabrications, côte&ciel introduces the Raven and Robin groupings that mirror the environments where the birds that spawned their names inhabit, whilst adopting individual appearances.
br> For Fall Winter 23, a new range of petite accessories is introduced that have been designed to increase the wearer’s experience with the environment around them by interlinking members from different product categories.

Easily attached to other members in the côte&ciel sphere of connectivity, the LetGo, RingO and Lanyard expand the storage capacity of the host item, as well as adding a slight flair in the form of a bold statement piece or a subtle accent.