horizons series I Laurent Segretier

For the ninth instalment of côte&ciel’s Horizons video series, we find ourselves in France’s capital city, Paris, home to Laurent Segretier, a multi-media artist and photographer whose talent knows no bounds. Using photography as his creative medium, it serves as a tool of communication with the subject, as well as a second passport that has allowed Laurent to travel extensively through his work, including a long stint in Hong Kong. As a long-time collaborator of côte&ciel, Laurent, or, as he is known locally as ‘Uncle Laurent’ or ‘Uncle Freak’, has been instrumental in bringing together visual campaigns for us, including the Hermansen Bike One and the late collaboration with Descente ALLTERRAIN. Currently, Laurent’s work is focused on young creatives who are working in the fields of fashion and music, acting as the component that transforms their conceptions into digestible, inspired media in Segretier’s signature manner where distortion often plays its part. Returning to Paris, Laurent is pushing local youth culture to newfound territories which is where we pick up our Horizons stop.