côte&ciel Collaborates with AI Artist NEWFACET* to Create Revolutionary Campaign Imagery

côte&ciel Collaborates with AI Artist NEWFACET* to Create Revolutionary Campaign Imagery
Always seeking out new frontiers and routes to creative expression, Parisian luxury accessories label côte&ciel announces its latest campaign in collaboration with AI artist NEWFACET*.

The innovative campaign has been created using cutting-edge technology that brings together 3D renders of the brand’s Allura range of recycled/synthetic leather products with AI-generated imagery.

The process began with the creation of detailed 3D maps of each côte&ciel product. These were then inputted into the AI system developed by NEWFACET*, which uses machine learning algorithms to mould and generate stunning visual representations of AI models wearing the products.

The resulting images are both striking and evocative, capturing the essence of the Allura range in ways and environments that have never been seen before.

By combining the tactility of côte&ciel’s approach to design with recycled materials and cutting-edge AI, the two have created a unique juxtaposition between the physical and synthetic world. Both sleek and futuristic, the work represents the perfect balance of form and function that côte&ciel is known for. Sitting at the intersection of creativity where reality meets emerging digital art forms.
The Allura range features three innovative designs that showcase the brand’s commitment to modern, minimalistic design and sustainable manufacturing practices.

The ARNO, ISAR M and SORMONNE are made from recycled Allura leather, a material that combines luxury with responsible design. The leather is sourced from industrial waste and given a new life through a sustainable manufacturing process, using less water and energy than traditional leather production methods and delivering a truly luxuries & flawless material.

Despite its recent meteoric rise in use, AI brings forth a wave of scepticism around its ethics and morality especially where creativity is concerned. Through this collaborative campaign, côte&ciel and NEWFACET* aim to ease this scepticism by re-framing its morality through a shared lens. Before advancements in AI technology, a campaign of this kind would be orchestrated by aligned creatives, but through NEWFACET* expertise in this field, it has allowed for it to be rendered digitally, therefore, removing human interaction.

While many forms of AI are still in early, developmental stages, their future uses and possibilities are expansive. What do you think about the expanding use of AI?

Forging new paths as we continue to look to the future, côte&ciel once again answers the call of forward thinking creatives around the globe with a range of conceptual products synonymous with travel and creative expression.