horizons series I Abou Séga

In côte&ciel’s latest ‘horizons’ series, which sees them visit like-minded creatives from around the world, Séga Kanouté, a multi-faceted creative listing fashion journalist and owner of his label, Niaramy, on his resume, is the focus point.

Séga is living and working in Paris, a city he feels deeply connected with. One street that he holds particularly close to his heart is Rue du Pont aux Choux, conveniently the location of côte&ciel’s Paris store, where he can regularly be found perusing around in search of inspiration for whatever projects he is working on at that time.
‘Je suis Séga. I have my brand, Niaramy. This word means ‘mix’ in Bambara, my mother tongue from Mali in West Africa. I am the dictator, curator, storyteller and grandmaster of chatter on my Instagram account, @abou_sega.’

With a mutual appreciation for ‘small joys’, which take on many forms from fashion to art but are anchored by minute details, Séga and côte&ciel connect on an intimate level, using the horizons series as a platform to communicate those shared values.

‘What I look for in my life are small joys. For me, this translates into curiosity, fashion, aesthetics in the broad sense and, above all, encounters.’

For his editorial, Séga wears several côte&ciel pieces from Spring/Summer ‘24, noticeably the ROUR ‘Sleek Black’, ADDA ‘Flemming Gold Rosé’ and HYCO ‘Smooth Black’ bags, as well as the LetGo Keychain. In addition, pledging his allegiance to the brand, Abou owns a Comme des Garcons and côte&ciel laptop sleeve which he uses daily to carry his iPad.

“I always say that a good story starts with a good conversation. A good conversation for me is often a sign that I have learnt something at the end of the day.”