horizons series | Adam Katz Sinding

This month we followed photographer and global citizen Adam Katz Sinding through his home town of choice, Copenhagen. As a Creative through and through, Adam is used to constantly travelling across the globe for Fashion Weeks and shoots for the majority of the year. During a time when travelling isn’t possible to such dimensions as he's used to, Adam gave us a rare insight glimpse into how he now explores his favourite city. Taking three staple bags of our ICONS collection - EMS , RISS and ORIL S , on the road, we followed him on a journey to his favourite spots and got to ask him a few questions of our own.

1. Reflecting on this past 18 months, what will you take forward from this time and what are you happy to leave behind?

I have been very happy to be able to stay at home in Copenhagen for the first time. Before I would travel for 300+ days a year, but having the ability to buy groceries and not have them spoil is a very simple win for me. I want to work less, I still need to make a living, but having forced time away from work has taught me the value of doing nothing at all.
3. Looking to the horizon, do you think this down time will influence your approach to your work and what you would like to document?

Yes. Absolutely. Although I am eager to work again, I will try to do it with a bit more balance. I feel that the way I document through photography will be forced to change as travel and fashion weeks are undoubtedly never going to be quite the same. I'm excited to get back out there and see how the world looks again.
2. What is your favourite environment or city back drop to shoot in the world?

I mean...I love Copenhagen. It's just the best place, simply put. Aside from that, I love spending time in Tbilisi, Seoul, Kyiv, and would love to go back to Montréal, as my trips there have been just too short.
4. How did you become a fashion street- style photographer? When developing your aesthetic did you know it was innovative at the time?

Although I do not like to be put in the category of "street style photographer, and rather just a photographer, I began photographing people on the streets of Seattle as a hobby back in 2007. I never made any money from it back then, so it was very pure and done from passion. It was just an interesting way to meet people I would have otherwise been too timid to approach. Once I moved to New York City, the evolution happened organically. I was unemployed and had lots of time to walk around and take photos. The rest is history. I dont think I was innovating in any way, to be honest.

Bill Cunningham, The Sartorialist, Tommy Ton, Phil Oh, and a slough of Japanese photographers had been doing this for some time before me. I just had my antisocial tendencies which caused me to work in a bit of a different way from them. I also did not and do not want to mimic my peers nor those who came before me, so I strive to find new ways to document the fashion events I attend.