côte&ciel | The Next Generation Worker | A Sabukaru Editorial

côte&ciel The Next Generation Worker A Sabukaru Editorial
Following on from its previous editorial partnership with Sabukaru, the Tokyo-based magazine and media collective, côte&ciel enlists their visual guide for its ‘The Next Generation Worker’ editorial.

Shot in Tokyo’s bustling work-oriented metropolis, Sabukaru highlights the emerging generation of workers and their associated uniform, characterised by subtle displays of functionality.

In recent years, what was previously the dress of Tokyo’s youth, distinguished by wide trousers and GORE-TEX® clad outerwear, has given way to a refined, more formal fit that retains the same functional nuances, from the office to the streets.
A hallmark of this growing style, côte&ciel has blended technical design with fashion-forward silhouettes since 2008 and served this to creatives and commuters alike, a vision that Sabukaru expresses through its ‘The Next Generation Worker’ editorial series.

Replete with discrete but elevated functional details, côte&ciel’s equipment seamlessly adapts to the wearer's wants and needs, particularly in mobile situations.
The editorial features Spring/Summer ‘23 styles like the OBED, SARU and NILE S, as well as existing systems that have remained in côte&ciel’s line-up in years gone by, including the INN, ORNE and SORMONNE.

Old or new, the imagery illustrates that no matter the passage of time, each system is as functional as the others.

Image Credits:
Production: @bianco_bianco_tokyo
Creative Direction & Styling: @joey.g123
Production Assistant: @champagnekennie
Photographer: @_ryotaishii
Model: @ryuheichishima