côte&ciel | The Majocchi Editorial by Sabukaru.Online | Functional Design Through a Tokyo Lens

Shot in the heart of Kabukicho, Shinjuku, the short film by Sabukaru encapsulates the spirit of youth culture, following the calculated movements of the dancer.
Accompanying them on their outward journey are a number of petite accessories crafted using the Reflective Majocchi and Crispy Lemon materials, including the ADDA PLUS and AÓOS S, which provide functionality no matter the context.

Capturing the immediacy and fast-paced atmosphere of the surrounding arcade, côte&ciel’s equipment naturally functions in such an environment, especially where movement is involved.
Imaginative and youthful styling, indicative of Tokyo’s youth movement, paired with the eccentricities of the Majocchi Reflective and Crispy Lemon textiles.

Don’t let your equipment get in the way of having a good time.


Production: @bianco_bianco_tokyo
Creative Director: @joey.g123
Producer: @effy__yzy
Stylist: @ozzysvision
Photographer: @_Lusan_ Photographers
Assistant: Kyra Model: @bootgazer
Concept: @musiiifrommars