horizons series I Tatiana Strauss

côte&ciel revisits London for the tenth instalment of their ‘horizons’ visual series with Tatiana Strauss, an author and ceramic artist who was the subject of our Spring Summer ‘24 lookbook. Using words and ceramics as her outlet, Tatiana’s creativity knows no bounds as she freely expresses herself physically and spiritually, drawing on experiences cultivated from the places she has travelled to as well as the bountiful fruits that nature provides. For her editorial, Tatiana wears the AÓOS S and XS in Crispy Lemon, alongside new Fall Winter ‘23 styles like the EYEWEAR POUCH in Neoprene, and the ORNE and ADDA in the bespoke ‘Robin’ fabrication.

“Looking to the horizon, I don’t know what is going to happen, I like being open to what life brings.”

The Fall Winter ‘23 collection will release from www.cotetciel.com on the 18th of August, introducing new systems like the AVON and OBION alongside existing styles like the ORNE and ISARAU.