A manifestation of the côte&ciel universe.
Experience scent and design in an enhanced visual and sensory journey developed together with London based design Studio ORBE.

Limited edition scented sculpture with the original côte&ciel scent.


The hand-produced scented sculpture and scent set is limited to a run of 80 pieces globally.
30 pieces of which will be available for purchase upon request here.

Inquiries will be fullfilled on a first come first serve basis.
Please note that shipping is calculated seperately for this item.









Born out of the already existing partnership with London based design studio ORBE founded by sculptor and designer JOBE BURNS, the ATLAS is the manifestation of his creative mind taking on the challenge of composing a base for the olfactory component of the experience.

Composed out of a meticulously hand-poured and semi-transluscent silicone base as well as a carved ceramic plate, the ATLAS wouldn’t look out of place atop of an altar in an alien temple or your minimalistic meditation room.


“It was important that the materials had an individual presence & a symbiosis to them...



...The silicone presents a sensuous nuance; that of water, lightness, fluid form and purity. The ceramic disc being that of the earth; grounding, tactile, intuitive, somewhat primal. Inspired by ritual markings, four channels are carved into the disc, aiding the flow of oil, akin to water passing through the eroded landscape.”

“Jobe’s range of ceramic collectables and home furnishing’s as one half of “Concrete Objects” with Samuel Ross was already on our radar and had featured incense burners and other scent based elements.

So we were keen to see what he was developing via his new ORBE studio, and how we could collectively embark on a journey to bring our scent to life in a physical form”

FLORIAN BEETZ, côte&ciel


côte&ciel’s own signature scent developed in conjunction with French independent and family-owned fragrance house Technicoflor.

Crafted to perfection in many rounds of trials and feedback SIESTE MARITIME is a delicate mix of floral and aquatic notes, perfectly capturing the essence of coast and sky in a bottle.

With HEAD notes of fleur de lotus, HEART notes of lavande and jasmin d’eau and BASE notes of bois blanc and mousse, this fragrance takes you on a journey to a place where creativity is at its strongest.

All 30 sets will be customized with the purchasers name to make sure you get a truly unique piece and a bit of brand history.
Since these were produced in europe by hand we will be shipping them personally from our hq in berlin.
Slight transportation delays can occur.