An interplay between reflective material, neon highlights and never seen designs.

The new FALL WINTER 22 collection of côte&ciel brings exciting newness both for lovers of our most iconic shapes, but also for those looking to discover completely new pieces. 

The subtle reflective updates made to shapes such as the ISAR Air and the SORMONNE Air are both eye-catching during the day as well as ensure you are visible at night.


The most exciting newness in this FALL WINTER collection comes in form of the Infinity range.

With a name derived from the way its’ products are seemingly an infinite loop of never-ending fabric, these shape-shifting room wonders come in sizes from Nano to Large.

The center-piece is a stunning backpack called ADRIA, that opens like and unfurling flower bud, while the Totebag to Accessories versions are titled AÓOS.

In its medium and large iteration, the AÓOS is your new stylish choice of handbag, with hidden zips that can be opened to extend the main compartment’s size and change the bag’s shape through fabric extension. 

Simultaneously the smaller SXS and NANO sizes double as safekeepers of your most valuable items. Both clipped to the exterior of any bag like a bag charm or just used individually.