Payment Methods: Americas / Europe

Payment Methods

Payments including shipping fees are accepted via credit card or PayPal. In the event that ordered products are not available at present, any amounts credited in advance will be refunded immediately.


By choosing the payment option Paypal, the customer agrees to pay immediately after the purchase order. Affirmation of the contract and delivery will be effected upon receipt of payment. côte&ciel Ltd is entitled to cancel an order, if the payment is not made within 5 working days.

Credit Card

All credit card information (numbers, expiry dates etc) will be handled with an encrypted protocol automatically to ensure that neither côte&ciel Ltd nor any third party have access to this information. This credit card information will only be used again after purchase transaction in the case of eventual refunds. Please note that this is a direct withdrawal.


côte&ciel Ltd works with the security software SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is based on asymmetrical encryption to prevent malpractice or deception or copying of credit card information during the purchase process.