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Descente Allterrain Mizusawa Down Jacket

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€980,00 EUR
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An absolute staple of functional craftsmanship, this iteration of the MADE IN JAPAN Mizusawa Down Jacket from Descente Allterrain is a piece engineered to perfection.

With a slightly more loose fit compared to the brands’ usual tight fit jackets this version was specifically altered to work perfectly in tandem with the SORMONNE MÉTAMORPHE.


1. Hidden zippered openings at the back of the jacket, allowing for the backpack strap system to dock and enable a whole new level of functional wearing.

2. Side zipper system to pull through the side pockets of the backpack, making your essential items instantly accessible to you.

3. Buckles inside the front jacket pockets to dock the backpack side pockets onto.



DAT set the warranty period as 3 years. If the jacket’s zipper etc got broken in 3 years, basically they will make a refund or get it repaired in their factory in Japan. 


(Barbarie Duck / Cairina Moschata MADE IN FRANCE raised in captivity) Dowm and feather are collected from same duck. The numbers are generally 70/30 (down/feather), 80/20, or 90/10. And a higher first number means a higher quality product. So 90/10 is the most lightweight and warm ratio.

This website might be helpful for a better understanding. https://baselayer.co.uk/pages/feather-down-rating-explained


Heat Seamed DAT eliminated the stitching holding the down pack, and replaced it with a heat welding technique. Additionally, in places where stitching was unavoidable, such as where sleeves attached, the lines were backed on the inside by seam sealing tape. These technical changes dramatically improved comfort and wearability in rain and snow, with waterproofing and water resistance giving the down jacket a whole new lease on life.