côte&ciel Komatsu Onibegie® Nylon

Continuing to make strides in regards to a more conscientious approach to design while still pushing the boundaries of innovation, côte&ciel has introduced a new fabric to its range for Spring-Summer ‘23: Komatsu Onibegie® Nylon.

Carefully developed by artisans, Onibegie®, produced by the advanced Japanese material manufacturers, Komatsu Matere, is an environmentally-friendly material that uses and combines ingredients extracted from onion skin as a base and various other natural sources such as olives and charcoal, reducing the burden on the ecosystem that it depends on.

By using this method, côte&ciel has been able to use naturally-dyed nylon in replace of a chemically dyed synthetic material, achieving a truly unique patina that can only be replicated by use of organic means.
To honour the traditional Japanese methods of fabric dyeing utilised in the process of developing Onibegie®, the Komatsu editorial series pays homage to the manufacturer’s Japanese roots and nature's ability to regain ground previously lost to manmade practices.

Plants and other organic matter can be seen sprouting and creeping out of the bags, an apt symbiosis between the contrasting worlds, highlighting how nature can redress the balance and once again grow in the most unlikely of places. Subtle styling cues are nods to more traditional Japanese workwear uniforms and manufacturing safety practices, with layered fabrics and textures mirroring the washed and dyed aesthetic of the Onibegie® fabrication.

The application of Onibegie® nylon extends to systems of varying sizes, including the Isar M, Ladon, Adda Plus and Neda. There are two colours to choose from including Olive Green and Black.

Image Credits:
Styling/Art Direction: Graeme Gaughan
Photography: Jack Tyler
Model: Keita Takemura